If there is a must in your home so that everything is in order, that is the sideboard. It is a base unit, which fits perfectly in any room: in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office … Thanks to all its compartments, dozens of objects fit in it, so it will be easier to put a little order in any room.

Although they are mainly intended for the dining room, the sideboards, the more modern they are, the easier they are to locate in any living room, dining room or room intended for recreation. We show you the many uses of modern sideboards. They will make you fall in love!

A modern living room sideboard will help you get a lot out of the living room. How is that possible, you ask? Well, you should know that this furniture is expressly designed to merge elegance and practicality. Modern sideboards, in addition to being used to place vases with flowers or photo frames on top, are also very useful for storing the most elegant linens, cutlery or crockery in the house.

The best thing about this type of furniture is that it is usually low. By having a more measured height, modern sideboards for the dining room or modern sideboards for the entrance will allow you to show off that room while avoiding the inconvenience generated by some furniture that they do is subtract space from the room. In addition, the sideboards are specially made to allow light to enter the room.

How to use the sideboards


Once you have decided to complete the decoration with a modern sideboard for your dining room, living room or bedroom, you have to know well how to use this furniture. There are several options for use.
Let’s imagine that the living room where you want to place your sideboard is not as big as you would like. Do not worry. These things usually happen, we do not always have a large palace to furnish. Even so, there is a very practical solution so that you can have the library of your dreams in the living room. Instead of resorting to the classic bookcases, why not buy a sideboard, which will also allow you to store all kinds of utensils in its drawers and, in addition, you use its upper part or its lower shelves to place your favourite books?

Among our favourite modern and stylish sideboards to fulfil the sideboard-bookcase function, the KIOTO sideboard stands out, whose design combines tradition and elegance as it combines white with any room.

Another of our favourites is the RIBERA sideboard, which allows a somewhat different design to complete the shape of the furniture by placing the books at the base of it. Your guests will be speechless by the originality of the furniture!

But apart from being decorative furniture, sideboards are also called to fulfil an important function in family gatherings or among friends. And it is that if you put a little effort into them, they can fulfil the same function as the auxiliary tables to place bottles or trays. In this case, the CÁLIDA sideboard or the BLAS sideboard will be ideal for the living room or dining room. You just have to choose the right accessories so that they do not clash with the rest of the decoration. And to enjoy furniture!

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