For a long time have been talking about cleaning rituals, tricks to keep the house tidy, and techniques to maintain order at home. But the “Oosouji” cleaning ritual has become famous for being a ritual that, in addition to cleaning the home, also does an internal cleaning and that is why today we want to talk about it.

To say goodbye to a year and welcome the new year, it is always necessary to restructure priorities and put on the table what we want to achieve and what we want to leave behind.

Doing “Oosouji”, the Japanese ritual means doing a “great cleansing” of our houses and our inner world. Bring out the old and useless in our lives to make room for all the good that the new year can bring. Today we want to show you how to do it.

How to do the “Oosouji” ritual step by step


The first thing you have to do is be clear about what lifestyle you want to have in the coming year.

  • What habits do you want to change?
  • Which ones do you want to implement?
  • What are your goals?

A good method is for you to write it down to have a roadmap for your 2022. Always have it handy so you don’t lose sight of your goals and implement the new routines.

Keep only what is necessary

By nature, we tend to accumulate. Over the years the accumulated objects are increasing, without us noticing we are saving things “just in case”. One of the main objectives of the “Oosouji” ritual is to get rid of objects, materials, and experiences that we no longer need.

One of the techniques is to do a meditation and give thanks to those objects or moments lived in 2021 so that later we can let go of them. Get rid of what you no longer need without guilt, leaving only the good that those objects, moments, or people have brought you.

Cleaning from top to bottom

It is time to do a thorough cleaning, to go over those corners that you don’t normally clean. Sofa, windows, lamps … but we are not only talking about cleaning the house, but it is also about putting in order the pending tasks. Pay pending bills, clean expired tickets, pens that we accumulate and do not work …
In order not to forget anything, it is best to clean from top to bottom and from the area furthest from the door to the exit of the room.
Try to use non-toxic products. You will clean your home and you will also remove bad internal emotions.

A family activity

Involve the whole family in this cleansing ritual, including the children. All of you must participate to be aware of the meaning of the process, the effort to do a deep cleaning and give importance to all the effort.
In addition, the little ones will feel important and fulfilled. It is part of their education, it fosters their self-esteem and their confidence.

Turn it into a meditation moment

The “Oosouji” ritual is not just about dusting the shelves, it is about cleaning your interior. That is why you must make this cleaning a unique moment, being aware of what you do and why you do it.
The internal and external are related. By getting rid of those objects that you no longer need, you also get rid of an emotional load, in addition, by calmly cleaning the objects you decide on, you make him aware of the importance they have and what they will bring to your life in the new year.
Turn off your mobile and focus on what you are doing. Try not to have distractions and make this moment your own.


Once you’ve finished cleaning, redecorate your home. Bring out everything that gives you energy, that reminds you of your new goals … photos, travel memories, or anything that makes you happy.

Fill your home with incentives to reach your goals in 2022!

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