Decorating a double room is not an easy task. It has to fit with the two members of the couple and both must feel comfortable on it. In addition, the design of the room must go according to the personality of the couple.

We spend a third of our lives in our rooms, even more, if we think that today the rooms also include bathrooms, dressing rooms and have even become work areas. That is why today we want to share some tips. And show you some of our rooms to help you in the task of choosing the best double room for you.

Double bedroom styles

Minimalist bedroom

Modern, simple and elegant rooms are some of the most popular options. They are bedrooms with few decorations, rather we are talking about placing well-chosen pieces and creating monochromatic spaces that transmit calm.

Straight and well-polished lines, with a reduced number of furniture, but always very functional, here the expression “less is more” is present in all its forms

Scandinavian style

The Nordic style is still trending. It is a relaxed and elegant style, soft colours and the use of natural materials.

Vintage Bedroom

Vintage bedrooms are characterized by the use of pastel tones, they are bedrooms that transmit calm and in which to find that refuge at the end of the day. A mixture of styles is present in these types of rooms.
You can also choose some “loose” pieces, different nightstands, pictures … to give it a more chic touch.

Rustic and modern room

It is one of the decorative trends of the moment. Know how to mix the rustic and the modern has become an art. These are rooms with simple lines, but using natural wood furniture and handmade decorative elements.. 

Tips to get the best double room

Without a doubt, the most important element in the double room is the bed. You must take into account the dimensions of the room since we are all tempted by huge beds, but if the room is small, opt for a standard size, otherwise, the bedroom will seem smaller.

Of course, do not overlook the quality of the mattress, you can read more at this link. Having a good mattress is taking care of your present and future health.

Regarding the orientation of the bed, try to place the headboard to one side of the window, never behind or in front, this way you will avoid being disturbed by the light. Here the curtains play a fundamental role, choosing curtains that fulfil the function of darkening at night and keeping privacy during the day, without cutting off the light.

In terms of lighting, it is important to choose well. Three points of light are always ideal to illuminate any room. A ceiling light, a floor lamp and a small light on the bedside or focal table, which illuminates only a certain space.

And of course don’t forget a good, large, quality mirror. We assure you that it makes a difference.

Colours for double rooms

Choosing the colour of the walls is one of the most complicated points. Women do not want very masculine colours, men do not want to feel within a feminine universe … reaching a consensus is always the most difficult factor.

That is why neutral colours are always the most advisable. The target is a sure hit. It also allows you to play with the colours of the accessories, curtains, bedspreads … you can even play by placing one of the walls in another tone to generate depth.

Another success is the combination of light colours with grey, especially in modern rooms. Black can be used for decorative details or even wood for furniture and white for bedding and curtains.

If you want a sophisticated touch, bet on combining white with chocolate brown or navy blue, the result is spectacular.

If you are looking for inspiration for your double room, do not hesitate to contact us. You can see our online catalogue or visit our showroom in Sucina, we will be happy to find the perfect double room for you.

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