Tired of having your closet always messy? At Mugals we always want to help you and that is why in addition to having the best furniture or being able to advise you according to the space you have in your house, we want to give you some tips that will keep your closet tidy for longer and we can assure that it is not an impossible mission.

Take note and get to work.

How to order your closet without dying in the attempt?

The first thing we want you to keep in mind is that we are going to give you some very simple and low-cost tips so, you can have your closet well organized. With our article today we want to make the change of season easier for you.

Did you know that with a closet in order the energy of your house flows better? Read our article on Fen Shui if you want to know more.

Become aware of what you have

Although it may seem irrelevant, it is one of the most essential tricks to organize closets, but that is not always taken into account. Take all the clothes out of your closet, you will be aware of what you really have. You will have a complete view of your closet and you can start filling it from scratch.
From here comes the most important thing … throw away everything you don’t use. If you haven’t used it in the last two seasons, you won’t be using it again. When you accumulate clothes that you do not use, in addition to occupying a necessary space in your closet, as Fen Shui says, you allow old things not to let new ones flow.

Sort the garments

Once you have all the clothes out of the closet, start grouping by type of clothes. T-shirts with T-shirts, trousers with trousers, etc. Include the accessories and shoes that you keep in the closet.
If you want to give a plus, we encourage you to also classify them by colour, but here we are already entering a professional field.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Boxes are closets’ best friends. Inside drawers, on shelves or in wide spaces. They are ideal for organizing your closet. You can choose them by size, materials or textures according to what you most like.
Take advantage of the high parts of the closet to box everything from another season. These mezzanines also serve to store suitcases that you do not use frequently and therefore those clothes that you will not use until the change of season inside them.

Fold the garments

Folding garments optimizes space. T-shirts, sweaters and even pants can be folded. One trick for pants is to fold them with the bottom part out.
Once folded, look at the space you have in each drawer or shelf and place the garment blocks according to the space. You can use separators (books, cardboard …) to separate the blocks.

The clutter of underwear

The underwear drawer always looks messy as each underwear has a different shape and size. In this case use one of the previous tricks, boxes or separators.

Hang the heaviest items

The hanging clothes will always depend on the size of the bars you have in the closet. Of course, the heaviest garments have to be hung yes or yes.
If you want it to look visually clean, place the dark and heavy clothes on the left side of the bar, it will look less cluttered. It’s just a matter of visual effect.
If the space you have in the hanging area is small, you can put the coats and long clothes on the covers. If, on the other hand, you have a large space, you can use hangers to gain doubled storage space.

Keep order

Now that you have the closet organized, the most important part comes … maintaining it. Don’t let clutter take over your closet again.
Leave an area of ​​the room to leave the clothes that you have just taken off or the one that you take clean and then fold them and put them in the closet neatly. Put everything in its place, you will see how a simple change of habit will make you maintain order without effort.

And remember, if you need additional space a set of drawers is always the best choice. Discover our collection.

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