We don’t want January to go by without talking about the new decoration trends for 2022. 

What materials and colors are trends? New forms of distribution? With more than two years where our houses have become functional spaces, where we sleep, work, spend leisure time… it is more important than ever that you continue investing in the comfort and sustainability of your home.

That is why, in addition to knowing the new trends in furniture and decoration for 2022, we want you to find the perfect balance in your home and we are always here to advise you and help you create that space of peace, order, and multifunction.

Read on to find it.

Trends in furniture and decoration

Natural materials

Betting on everything that makes us feel closer to nature continues to be the key point in 2022. Materials in our furniture and decorative objects such as wood, bamboo, ceramics… Chairs, vases, lamps…

In addition, warm materials return for the parents and you usually. Materials such as terrazzo and wood that, in addition to being very durable, provide warmth to all rooms in the house.

Wood is still the main protagonist, especially in furniture. It is a very versatile material and we can find them in different shades. Living room, kitchen or bedroom furniture. Fill your house with wooden furniture and you will be investing in quality and warmth.

Sustainable furniture

When we refer to betting on sustainable furniture, we are not only talking about the materials with which they are made. It is important to be aware of the manufacturing process, transport, and working conditions of those people who are part of the manufacturing process.

That is why betting on local or national manufacturers, who provide confidence and quality in each of the pieces that fill our home, is just as important as the material used to manufacture the furniture.

At Mugals we work with national manufacturers to always guarantee a quality certificate for all our furniture and sofas.

Less and more, simple and minimalist environments

This year minimalist and functional spaces will be the kings of decorative trend magazines. As we mentioned at the beginning, now more than ever we spend long hours inside our home. That is why harmony, cleanliness and order must prevail in all rooms.

Neutral colors, furniture with simple lines and functional objects. Everything must be focused on our well-being and make us feel good in our own home.

Bet on warm colors that convey emotions.

Balance between styles

Another of the decoration styles that will continue in 2022 is the industrial style, but this time with an elegant and sophisticated touch. Wood, with metal or brick, is a safe bet.

The key? Learn to find balance. You combine earthy and warm tones with gray or black to give a homey touch without losing the industrial style.

Plants to decorate

Many of us have rediscovered plants inside the house and we don’t want this trend to disappear. Plants fill the home with life and joy and make us feel in harmony with nature.

We are happy that plants continue to be a decorative trend in 2022.

Also, did you know that plants reduce the dryness of the environment, dust levels and keep the air fresh and fresh?

In the last two years, we have found a new way of seeing and living our homes and this is reflected in this year’s trends. Living with what makes us feel good, that is functional and adapts to our needs and lifestyle.

At Mugals we love to transform and create perfect spaces so that you feel 100% comfortable in your home, we turn houses into homes. You just have to contact and tell us your idea, we will help you to shape it.

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