Furniture shop in Corvera.

We are a furniture store and our purpose is to fulfill projects, dreams and the most important improvements in your home. We have a highly trained, trained, qualified work team, professionals in the area of innovation and customization with which we can guarantee the signs, ideas and desires of furniture that our clients have always sought; Since our main objective is to make you as a client feel safe and trusting in the advice of our professionals, since they will translate your ideas into reality and guarantee that each piece of furniture has that innovative, exclusive, and personalized style that you are looking for; as a company our commitment to meet and exceed your expectations.
You can choose from our wide variety of mattresses, whether they are viscoelastic mattresses, natural fiber mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, traditional spring mattresses, baby mattresses, among others. Our furniture shop is located a short distance away in Corvera and has an extensive catalog of bases, beds and box springs; Within which you will find, upholstered bed base with storage, traditional bed base, articulated upholstered bed, wooden bed, upholstered bed, upholstered container bed, duo upholstered trundle bed duo, upholstered base. If you are thinking of furnishing your living room, you will be able to enjoy the best living room furniture such as dining tables, chairs, TV furniture, sideboards, cabinets, shelves, halls, etc.
Do you want to renovate your living room? Give a new look to your bedroom? Change the furniture in your kitchen? Ask us and visit our furniture store and let yourself be surprised by our prices and ideas.

Bedroom furniture in Corvera

We have wood effect bedroom furniture of the best quality-price, always trying to find the needs of our customers, contact us, or come to our store and one of our professionals will help you choose the best option for your bedroom since We will capture your ideas, giving that personalized and modern touch to your home.
And the best thing is that the furniture shop in Corvera de Mugals Mobiliario sells and distributes in Corvera. In addition, it has a wide list of furniture to decorate and furnish your kitchen, your office and your garden.

Do you need the ideal dining table for your living room?

When decorating the dining room there are several aspects to take into account, one of them is the style, another important factor is to give it an original touch, in order to achieve a very modern dining room design. However, the most voluminous piece and the one that needs to be paid more attention is the table. In our furniture store you will find all types, formats and structures of dining tables influencing the design and decoration of our home, in terms of shape, dining tables come mainly in four formats: square, round, rectangular and oval.
That’s why contact Mugals Furniture furniture shop as we sell and distribute in Corvera. In addition, it has a wide list of dining tables with the best quality – price to suit your tastes and needs, giving that modern and personalized touch to your home.
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