Whether you usually receive many visitors, or if you are one of those who needs a space for guests sporadically, having a comfortable and flexible space within your home to be able to receive them is essential.

That is why today we want to give you some tips from Mugals so that you can receive your guests and make them feel at home, but also that you can enjoy the space while you have no one at home.

As an expert in furniture and decoration, we are always here to advise you, because receiving is an art and we want you to be able to surprise your guests.

Where to sleep

A big bed

If you have an extra room with space, don’t hesitate; a double bed will always be better than a single one. If you have a single guest, he or she will sleep comfortably, if you receive a couple, you will already have enough space for both of them.

If you don’t have an extra room, you can always use the children’s bedroom. Change your teenager’s single bed for a 135cm bed and you will only have to give the decoration a spin when you go to receive the guests. Meanwhile, your child will love sleeping in a much bigger bed.

Sofa bed


If the option of the double bed is not viable for you, the sofa bed is always a classic. Another option is to opt for a daybed or trundle bed in the bedrooms. The divan is perfect if you have a room that you use as an office, it will act as a sofa and before any visitor, it is a perfect single bed.

Trundle beds in children’s rooms are a classic option that always works.

Whatever your option, always have a box with a Guest Kit ready. Sheets, towels, pillows, cover and a bedspread. Choose it in white, it is simple, clean and combines with everything.

Put everything inside an airtight box and you will have everything ready for your guests.

Tricks to make your guests feel at home

Neutral decoration


The more neutral the decoration, the better. Everyone likes neutral decoration and it does not matter who visits you: your mother, your mother-in-law or a couple of friends, you will hit. Neutral colours create a relaxed atmosphere, essential for them to feel comfortable when they go to rest.

But beware, neutral does not mean cold. Bet on wood in furniture or textiles such as linen or cotton with a touch of colour in cushions or blankets.

The smell, key in our senses

In addition to cleaning thoroughly, ventilate the room well. You can put a mild air freshener or scent on the sheets. When your guests open the door, the smell and feeling of cleanliness couldn’t be better.

Details they will love

Put a vase with natural flowers, leave a loving message to your guests. In addition to decorating and perfuming the room, it is a detail that they will not forget.

The candles and a good book on the bedside table bring greater well-being and they will surely love to share your favourite reading(if they have time)

Pictures with messages, a welcome note and if you leave the Wi-Fi password handy will level you up as a host.

Auxiliary furniture

Just as important as the bed is that the space to store their things. Set aside a couple of drawers from your dresser or closet. Another option is a bench where they can put the suitcase or a coat rack to hang their clothes.

Without a doubt preparing your home to receive guests is always special, being a great host is also … But be careful because maybe they won´t leave your home anyway … If you need advice or are looking for furniture for your home visit our website and of course if you are close to Sucina, in Murcia, come to our showroom to discover many more offers and news.

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