We already know that investing in a quality mattress is important for your health, but just as important is the maintenance and cleaning you give it. The recommendation is to change the mattress every 10 years but to remain in perfect condition after so long it is essential to carry out certain hygiene measures.

In Mugals we want to give you some tips and tricks to keep your mattress clean, free of mites, bacteria and fungi. A mattress in poor hygienic condition can negatively affect your health.

General maintenance of the mattress

In the daily and weekly cleaning of the room, you cannot forget the mattress. Thousands of stains, bacteria and mites accumulate on the mattress every day. Sweat, humidity and dust are the main responsible for this accumulation.

For this reason, cleanliness is essential to have a good quality of life. With some simple routines you will be able to better maintain the condition of your mattress:

  • Change the sheets every week.
  • Ventilate the room before making the bed.
  • Shake pillows, sheets, and cushions well daily.
  • Vacuum deeply once a month on both sides.
  • Remove any stain instantly to prevent embedding.
  • Do a deep cleaning once a year.
  • Every three months turn the mattress, from top to bottom and from left to right to avoid deformation.

Products to clean the mattress

Certain natural products work in cleaning the mattress. In a simple and fast way, you will have a deep cleaning. Try to clean the mattress during the morning hours to be able to leave the mattress ventilating and that it does not arrive at bedtime wet or with odours.

Baking soda

This is a safe bet. Baking soda is a product that removes moisture, deodorizes, and helps kill certain bacteria and mites. In addition, it is a cheap product that you can find in any supermarket.

It is very effective against urine and moisture stains. For its antibacterial, antiseptic and drying properties.

To remove urine stains, place the amount of bicarbonate equivalent to one cup on the stain, with a little water. Cover the mattress with plastic wrap and let it sit for six to eight hours. Then remove the plastic and vacuum the bicarbonate with the vacuum cleaner.

Moisture is difficult to detect until obvious stains appear. Air the mattress in the sun, so that it dries up the humidity as much as possible, add a mixture of bicarbonate with drops of tea essential oil (drops for every 250 grams of bicarbonate), leave it to act for an hour and vacuum up the dirt and traces of bicarbonate with the vacuum cleaner.

Water and lemon

The mixture of water and lemon is very simple and quite effective on urine, sweat or vomit stains. Permanently removes odours from the mattress.

To get rid of any of the mentioned stains, boil the mixture of a litre of water with the juice of a lemon and spread it on the stain. Wait for it to dry.

White vinegar

It is another of the most effective products to remove stains from the mattress. It is especially effective on urine and sweat stains.

The smell usually disappears after a few hours, but if you are very sensitive to strong odours, you can replace it with one of the other products mentioned.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is one of the products to remove one of the most difficult stains, blood. It is applied directly to the stain with the help of a cotton ball or a cloth.

Bloodstains should be removed as soon as possible as they are usually very penetrating and very difficult to clean. Apply the hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, let it act and wait for the bubbles to appear, then rinse with a white cloth. If the bloodstain is fresh, rubbing it with cold water or milk helps prevent it from penetrating the tissues.


If you don’t like home remedies or they haven’t worked for you, you can always resort to traditional detergents. Better to use them in liquid format, it helps to better penetrate the stain.

Rub with a cloth damp in water and detergent and leave for a while. Clean with water and allow to dry.

A solvent can be used for very resistant stains, although you have to be very careful since if you use it in excess it can damage the mattress.

Eliminate odours in the mattress

Bad smells are very annoying and unpleasant, especially at bedtime. The cause of these odours are usually bacteria and germs. To prevent these bad smells from appearing or to eliminate them if you already have them, bicarbonate is the best solution.

Weekly sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the mattress, leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum. This trick will help you eliminate bad odours and keep it hygienic. If the smells are very deep, let the baking soda act overnight.

Another way to keep odours at bay is to use essential oils. Mix it with baking soda and you will get a clean and scented mattress.

Tips to keep your mattress clean

As we say, prevention is better than cure, the best way to keep your mattress looking new is by using a good protective cover or an overlay.

Choose one that is easy to remove, with soft, antibacterial fabric. It is essential that you can put it in the washing machine and if it is also waterproof much better, especially in the bed of the smallest of the house.

Don’t forget weekly cleaning and daily ventilation. Remember that keeping a mattress in good condition prolongs its useful life and will also improve the quality of your rest. We are specialists in rest, so don´t hesitate to contact us for help.