Although summer is not over yet, it is worth starting to think about autumn and preparing our garden for those days when the sun offers us its best face and allows us to relax outdoors in a different way.

Surely, we have all enjoyed the outdoor spaces, and our garden, patio or terrace has looked in all its splendour during the summer months. Also, there are still days of hot and sunny, autumn always offers us those beautiful days where you can fully enjoy the sun and with incredible temperatures.

We want to give you some simple ideas so you can make your exterior a much more comfortable and enjoyable place, the ideal place for meetings with family and friends.

It does not matter the size. If your outdoor area is large or small, you can take advantage of all of it. How? Placing the correct furniture and accessories. We give you some ideas.

Decorate a fall garden

The dining room

It is essential to have a corner to place a table and chairs. Who doesn’t like to eat outside? Find the appropriate outdoor furniture for your space. If you have a small terrace, bet on a folding table and chairs. Give it a touch with a nice tablecloth and soft lights. Do not forget a blanket and cushions for the nights that begin to cool.

The corner to relax

If you have a little more space, you may fit an armchair or even a small sofa. Place them in that corner where you have nothing and put some cushions on top. If you have more space, accompany it with an outdoor auxiliary table to store magazines, books or any entertainment. Decorate it with some flowers. It will be your favourite corner of the house.


Do you have a pool? Accompany it with hammocks, a small space where you can relax and sunbathe while reading a book. We advise you to stick with the ones made of wood and fabric and that match your corner to rest, to give a chill-out touch to your garden.


What would a garden or terrace be without plants? Without a doubt, it is the ideal place to have some beautiful pots with rose bushes, cacti, palm trees or any plant that gives life to your outdoor corner, and of course, that withstands the weather in your area!

At Mugals we want to continue accompanying you so that you always have your home comfortable and cosy at any time of the year. With a few small touches, you will be able to transform it and get the most out of it.

Contact us. We are waiting for you in our showroom or you can see the online catalogue.

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