We have all heard about Feng Shui. But not everyone knows what it is for, what it is for and how to decorate the house following this technique.

That is why at Mugals we want to collect some basic tips for you to improve and find positive energy within your home.

Keep reading because, in addition to introducing yourself to the technique, you will learn some decorating tips for your home.

What is Feng Shui?

We can describe Feng Shui as a science that studies the relationship between people and the physical environment. That is, everything connects, and everything affects our well-being and energy.

Feng Shui is not only applied to decoration, it is a multidisciplinary study that encompasses architecture, health, geographies, astrology, design …

This ancient Chinese discipline is intended to harmonize the environment to promote well-being.

  • Seek tranquillity in life through different techniques.
  • Get things to be seen from different perspectives.
  • Helps to achieve goals.
  • Helps to seek personal peace and family balance.

Tips for decorating according to Feng Shui

As the main basis, we want to highlight the importance of colours in decoration.

Colours are waves that vibrate at various frequencies. They are pure energy and can interact between people and environments.
Therefore, colours influence both the psyche and the physical plane of people. It must be chosen consciously and combined in an appropriate way to make the best use of all its energies.

Colours for the living room

It is the place for communication and to promote relaxing dialogue, the indicated colour is blue. For a more lively dialogue, the preferred colours are orange and red. Orange stimulates joy and red helps lift your spirits.

Colours for the kitchen

The ideal colour for the kitchen is yellow since it is a solar colour that gives vigour and energy, in addition to promoting digestion.

Colours for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the cold colours are the favourites to use: blue, turquoise and light green. They are refreshing and relaxing because they remind us of water. If the environment is a bit sad, you can create a contrast with brighter tones in the decorative objects.

Colours for the bedroom

Relaxing shades like blue and green are ideal for promoting sleep. Also cool colours like light pink, salmon or peach can also be used.

We must remember that the five elements must be represented in our home, it is not necessary to re-paint the entire house or a room, you can also use objects, a piece of furniture, curtains, cushions, photographs, blankets … etc to enhance the Energy.

Bath tips

The organization and distribution of the bathroom with Feng Shui are fundamental since water symbolizes money, fortune and health. And it is where the positive energy of our house can escape.

The toilet should be behind the door. In a place that is not very visible to reduce the negative effect of the drain. One way to neutralize the negative influence of drains is to always keep the toilet lid closed.

  • Place large mirrors. They provide a flow of positive energy.
  • They need to have a lot of light if it is natural, perfect.
  • Paint with light tones

Kitchen decoration tips

The distribution of Feng Shui in the kitchen, its organization or decoration can help us in many aspects. In it, two elements coincide that are opposite, water (yin) and the energy of fire (yang). In the distribution of the furniture we can see the following sectional scheme that in the end are based on ergonomic aspects:

Important the location of the kitchen and the sink, they must be far apart, if it is not possible, place wood or metal between them. Oven, microwave and stove on one side, water elements on the other; refrigerator, dishwasher or sink.

It cannot be located in front of the bathroom door or directly facing the entrance to the house. According to this philosophy, electric stoves destroy the energy in food, so it is preferred that they be gas.

The space must be very bright and if possible with natural light. The most recommended colours are the light ones, the range of earthy and not very dark, combined with light greens or blues that provide cleaning.

Feng Shui tips for the living room or dining room

The living room and dining room is an important place for Chinese culture since it is where the soul is nourished and our body is nourished, as well as where it rests and relaxes.

The dining room table should be with rounded corners and a piece that encourages communication between diners (applicable to any piece of furniture).In the dining area, there should be no pieces that disturb the mealtime (no televisions or too much distracting furniture).

The best place to place the dining area is near the front door to the kitchen. Regarding lighting, preferably natural light and if not possible, artificial lighting that emulates it.

It is not recommended that the tables be made of marble, glass or dark colours. If it is a dining room, it is a set, the spaces must be separated using furniture that marks or two types of lighting to differentiate.

The entrance door, you have to avoid that it is behind the sofa. It is recommended to use decorative elements focused on nature and landscapes.

Feng Shui in bedrooms

The rooms dedicated to the bedroom are the rooms where we rest and give intimate life in our relationships. Its distribution and organization of both the furniture and the bed are important to promote the development of positive energies.

Avoid strident patterns and colours on textiles such as sheets, cushions, rugs or curtains. Preferably smooth and warm colours that provide order.
Keep away electronic devices that incite nervousness and activity.
The bed should be supported against the wall to provide protection and safety. They should have a headboard and avoid metal beds, better wood.

Do not put plants since it produces an excess of energy inside the rooms and also aquatic elements, fish tanks, fountains … etc.
In double bedrooms or children’s bedrooms, mirrors are not good allies, it arouses a multiplier effect of our movement and our image. And above all, no mirror in front of the bed.

Avoid placing too many objects, few and that evoke positive memories. The north-facing headboard to improve vital energy and health.
It is good to take care of the symmetry in the bedrooms, for example, bedside tables on both sides of the bed.
Do not sleep under a ceiling with wooden beams, it is considered to cut energy and harm health.

Now that you know a little about the Feng Shui technique to decorate your home, we advise you to take a look at our catalogue or visit our showroom if you have the opportunity.

We will advise you with the best ideas in furniture and decoration, we work with personalized projects so that you turn your house into a home.

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