Living in a place with sun all year round, such as the Mediterranean Coast and the Costa Cálida, is a privilege, as well as an enormous benefit for health. That is why creating a comfortable outdoor space, in which you can feel comfortable and spend many hours enjoying the good weather is essential. Furnish and decorate your garden has never been so easy.

It does not matter if you have a garden, a terrace, patio or balcony, at Mugals we customize any space, large or small so that you can fully enjoy your home and the time you spend in it.

We give you some tricks to furnish and decorate your garden and make it a unique place. Find out how to do it with us.

Common elements to furnish and decorate your garden or terrace

No matter the place you want to furnish, certain common elements will add a differentiating touch to your garden or terrace. Don’t overlook them.


The type of floor you choose will make a difference in your garden or terrace. You must take into account the climate, as well as the use you want to give to the area, before choosing.

  •  Wooden flooring. The wooden floor is nice, but keep in mind that maintaining it always in good condition is more difficult. Choose it if the area where you are going to put it is easy to maintain. It is a warm floor, where you can even go barefoot and will enhance your terrace or garden.
  •  Artificial grass. Artificial grass is very easy to maintain. If you have enough space, you can set areas alternating wood and grass, or with another type of pavement.
  • Other types of floors. Other options are the use of ceramic floors or stone floors. In     the first case, keep in mind that you must choose a non-slip floor, especially if there is a pool around it. Stone floors are perfect for use in decorative areas or where there is not much movement, because if you walk barefoot it is not a comfortable floor.

Covers and air conditioning

We all know the heat of the Mediterranean area in summer, so we recommend that in addition to the covers or shelters that we all already know, you can place protectors to isolate you from the high temperatures.

Exterior protections to separate environments, canvas curtains or even a sprayer, those act by spreading water in very small drops. They are perfect for the hottest hours.

Materials for outdoor furniture

When we talk about outdoor furniture we talk about furniture designed and manufactured with guarantees to withstand different weather conditions. You must choose chairs, tables, sun loungers and accessories with materials that ensure resistance to water, the sun and the weather elements.

The entire collections of Mugal´s outdoor furniture are high-quality furniture, designed and manufactured to be outdoors.

  • Metal furniture. Furniture made of aluminium, steel or iron. It always has a special treatment to prevent deterioration. It is resistant and solid materials, in addition to having much more elegant lines than furniture made of plastic.
  • Rattan furniture (natural or synthetic). Rattan furniture has become fashionable for a few years. Natural rattan is a fibre that comes from a climbing plant, it is a flexible and very tough material. Synthetic rattan is made of high-density polyethene that mimics natural rattan very well. It is cheaper and also resistant to saltwater. It is very easy to keep this furniture in good condition.

How to furnish your terrace

 The main handicap that we find when we need to furnish a terrace is that it is usually narrow, but this does not impede if you want to create a space to relax and eat.

The secret? Have adaptable furniture. A trunk that you can use as a seat and as storage is perfect. In addition, you can personalize it with cushions and textiles to achieve the decorative effect that you like.

Choose fresh fabrics for chairs and sun lounges, you can also complement your terrace with flower pots to bring freshness to the environment.

Another option is to pick furniture that is easy to handle. It does not weigh much and you will be able to remove it and put it on when you need it. Folding outdoor tables and chairs may be the most appropriate option if you want to take advantage of the space. Like the set that we show you here.

How to furnish your patio or garden

When it comes to furnishing a patio or garden, the possibilities open up. If you have a pool, an area with sun loungers is essential to sunbathe and relax after a good swim. Remember to choose outdoor furniture with resistant materials as it will be continuously exposed to water.

 For the textiles of the sun loungers and chairs choose Textilene, you can find it in different colours and models, like the sun lounger that you can see in the picture below.

If you want to create a special garden or terrace don´t forget the lights. Enjoying a dinner outdoors is one of the great joys of summer. Design an area where the table and chairs have a special place, you can decorate with lanterns and solar lamps.

Choose large tables, you will surely enjoy great evenings with friends and family.

And of course, be loyal to your decorative style. Follow the same decorative line that you have in the rest of your home. Furniture and outdoor decoration will reinforce and give life to the rest of your house.

 Do you have a rustic style? Minimalist? Simple lines? Decorating and furnishing may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right help and advice.

If you are looking for garden furniture on the Mediterranean Coast and want to decorate the exterior of your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We personalize projects with the best garden and terrace furniture, depending on your space and needs. We will be happy to bring your ideas to life.

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