If you have guests this Christmas, we want to give you some ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table. Just a few easy tricks to make your table look perfect this Christmas.


We start from the idea that in decoration, everyone has their own tastes. In my opinion, one of the basics is that you should decorate your table without taking away the prominence of the food, which, of course, has to be well presented. In addition to taking into account that the table where you are going to eat has to be the main protagonist of the room. Choosing a table according to the number of diners and the dishes you are going to serve is essential.

We suggest that you choose every detail with care and care and that you always have a common thread in the decoration to give harmony to the environment. The common thread can be the color or even the materials.

Another aspect to take into account is that the decorative objects do not hinder the comfort of the diners, nor are they an obstacle when placing the dishes. Choose not very tall decorative elements, that does not obstruct the vision between the people who are going to sit at the table.


  • Cloth tablecloth and servillestas.
  • Cutlery.
  • Cups.
  • Cups.
  • Centerpiece.
  • Candles.


Discover what your style is in Christmas decoration, if you like more a white Christmas, with natural touches or in red or gold tones. Determine what style you want to present and then choose all the elements accordingly, putting a decorative object that serves as a contrast.

All the articles that you put on the table have a purpose. For example, you can show off when decorating the table and put very cute decorative objects, but those will have to be removed when serving the dishes if you want your guests to continue serving and make your dishes look, if you prefer to serve directly on the plate you can assess the option of leaving them.

Can you put candles on a Christmas table? The same thing happens to us again as in the previous case, it depends. It depends on how you want to serve the table, if it is going to be uncomfortable for your guests or dangerous, or if there is enough space for people to maneuver their plates and glasses without causing any jolts. Pretty soon, without a doubt. If you are concerned but want an intimate touch of light, consider string lights that you can place on the table or in mason jars and, for your convenience, that are battery-operated.


The choice of the tablecloth is going to be one of the key points. If you have to buy a tablecloth, we recommend that you take into account the crockery you want to use this year, what the color is and if it has patterns, the style of it, as well as the glassware. Tablecloth and crockery have to combine, so it is important that they be consistent tones or that if there is a contrast it is pleasing to the eye.

If you have doubts, a wise choice is always to opt for tablecloths in light tones as they are simple, elegant, and combine wonderfully with all kinds of crockery, glassware, and cutlery. In addition, you can decorate the table with any type of decoration that will always be a good decorative background.

Can you choose a paper tablecloth? Well of course it is. It is true that it does not generate the same elegant feeling as a cloth tablecloth, but for many people, it is more practical to use and throw away.


You can go to a scrap shop and buy yourself the fabrics that you like the most to create simple but very colorful placemats, you can make them with felt and opt for Christmas motifs, just as you can buy them laminated that are very easy to clean. To your liking! You just have to put a simple tablecloth underneath to make it stand out.


It is very good to choose just a couple of colors and use those on the table. For example: if the tablecloth is light in color, the rest of the table can be blue and gold (it looks very elegant), red and gold, silver and green, to your liking.

On the other hand, we can be guided a bit by decoration trends. You do not have to buy all the Christmas decoration magazines, you just have to walk through the decoration stores or that have tableware so that you can find a window of Christmas tables.


Putting candles on the Christmas table as well as a nice centerpiece is a good idea, but be careful: nobody wants to burn their wrists trying to reach the turkey!


Among the different models of centerpieces, or among the candles that we can place on the Christmas table there are many styles, I suggest an idea (photo above) in which the concept of Christmas centerpiece is made with fruits and decorated with some candles. A beautiful centerpiece that we can place in the center of our table and that will allow us to serve lunch or dinner but also with a very well decorated table.

We also warn you to be careful with the candles, so that while you are serving or passing dishes, someone will burn them. It is better to small candles or if they are very tall you put them in the center of the table to receive the guests, but then when everyone sent you to remove them to one side.

And, very important!, Do not forget to choose some beautiful napkins that match your table.

Merry Christmas!

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