We all love the open and integrated kitchens in the living room. They are practical, functional and aesthetic.

This style of the kitchen offers us comfort and style at the same time. An open kitchen is more functional and offers many possibilities that we cannot achieve with a closed and conventional one. But it also has certain consequences that we must consider before choosing the aesthetics of this space.

When we choose to integrate them, the bars and kitchen islands function as transition elements, acting as dividers and marking the distinction between both spaces. They allow to visually divide the area and create different environments.

Also, one of the best benefits is the spaciousness you get from creating an open space without walls. And if at home you do not have many meters because the rooms are small, this option will allow you to save a large amount of space.

Furniture, an important choice

When opening the kitchen to the living room or dining room, we must pay attention to the furniture we choose so that it fits perfectly, offering continuity and creating harmony. Maintaining the same design, colours and style can be the key to ensuring the proper integration of spaces. Following the same decorative line is a safe bet.

Integrated appliances

In the absence of space or to achieve a more aesthetic result, we can also integrate the electrical appliances into the kitchen furniture. They will be there, but we won’t even notice. They do not take up more space and it will appear that they are hidden.

The walls and floors to separate spaces

Changing the tone of the floor or walls allows us to distinguish the areas when we have open spaces. With a paint of another colour, wallpaper or tiles, we can differentiate the rooms creating a pleasant visual sensation and a very elegant aesthetic.

Pros and cons of open kitchens

On the one hand, they allow us to perfectly serve our guests and have conversations with them while we cook; create more spaciousness and save space; they have more light; they are more practical and functional because they streamline tasks, and aesthetically they are perfect.
However, in an open space, noises increase and odours spread towards the living room or dining room, a factor that must be taken into account because it is not always pleasant. Although it can be avoided by choosing a good extractor hood that retains all odours and does not make noise.
Likewise, if we prefer a closed kitchen, we will have more privacy and more possibilities for decoration, since we can break with aesthetics and have more freedom to choose the design and style of the kitchen. In this way, the order is also better preserved and, in the case of having the kitchen turned upside down, the living room and dining room will not lose their good appearance.

The glass enclosures

To keep the good of both alternatives, the interior glass enclosures allow you to integrate and divide the spaces according to your needs. In addition, they mark style and bring a lot of elegance to the room. It is a great option for those who have not just decided. Also, the glazing will allow the light to access more easily and distribute it better in the space.

At Mugals we want to continue accompanying you so that you always have your home comfortable and cosy at any time of the year. With a few small touches, you will be able to transform it and get the most out of it.

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