El Valle – Sofa

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Sofa with chaise longue with motorised recliners

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El Valle, is a sofa that invites everything. Its imposing design adapts to different shapes and allows many applications

Quality, distinction and its own style come together to give a special touch to this magnificent sofa


  • Galician pine wood structure and pressed wood particles
  • 20 kg polyurethane coated
  • 35 kg polyurethane cushions with quality braided arm. NOT REMOVABLE
  • Backrests filled with Dol A quality fiber bag
  • Waist packs filled with a quality Dol A fiber bag. Zero wall. (does not need to separate from the wall)
  • Rubber lined arms 22 kg and upper part 25 kg
  • Double chest, in the arm of the chaise longue and its seat
  • Motorised reclining seats
  • Square lacquered wooden legs
  • Premium anti-stain upholstery: Lido and Rado
  • 100% Italian thickened leather. Deer collection (Supplement)






Anthracite, Artiko, Optical White, Ash, Chocolate, New Cream, Ferrari, Black.

  • 2 seater sofa + Chaise Longue (relax 2 engines)
    250x165x86 cm
  • 3 seater sofa + Chaise Longue (relax 2 engines)
    280x165x86 cm
  • 2 seater sofa (relax 2 engines)
    185×86 cm
  • 3 seater sofa (relax 2 engines)
    205×86 cm
  • Sofa arm: 25 cm
Expected delivery  5 weeks


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Leather Anthracite, Leather Artiko, Leather Ash, Leather Black, Leather Chocolate, Leather Ferrari, Leather New Cream, Leather Optical White, Lido 01, Lido 02, Lido 03, Lido 04, Lido 07, Lido 09, Lido 10, Lido 15, Rado 02, Rado 03, Rado 04, Rado 05, Rado 06, Rado 07, Rado 10, Rado 12

Sofa composition

2 seater sofa with 2 relax engines, 3 seater sofa with 2 relax engines, 2 seater sofa + Chaise Longue with 2 relax engines, 3 seater sofa + Chaise Longue with 2 relax engines

Chaiselongue position

Left (front view), None, Right (front view)

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