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Italian design sofa of high quality and comfort

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Covered with 20 kl polyurethane.

Pillows made of 35 kl polyurethane covered with quality A braided fibre.

Backrests made of 22 kl s.s polyurethane covered with quality A braided fibre.

Waist packs in polyurethane of 22 kl s.s covered with braided fiber quality A.

Seats with sliding trays with bearing and anchorage points.

Rubber-lined arms 22 kl and top 25 kl.

Shiny chrome metal legs.

Uncoverable. Pillows, fanny packs and backrests.


Model 3 seater sofa + chaiselounge


Legs Color black 12 cm

Pillows made of 35 kl polyurethane covered with quality A braided fiber.

Measures sofa 2 seater: 200 x 102 cm

3 seater: 220 x 102 cm

2 seater sofa  + chaise lounge: 270 x 165 cm

3 seater sofa  + chaise lounge: 300 x 165 cm


Mistiff / Rado / Lido / Antepelle


Leather (optional)

Delivery 45 days

Additional information

Sofa composition

2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa + Chaise Longue, 3 seater sofa + Chaise Longue

Chaiselongue position

Left (front view), None, Right (front view)

Pick Colour

Antepelle Arena, Antepelle Azul, Antepelle Berenjena, Antepelle Blanco, Antepelle Canela, Antepelle Ceniza, Antepelle Chocolate, Antepelle Fango, Antepelle Giallo, Antepelle Grigio, Antepelle Mostaza, Antepelle Mouse, Antepelle Negro, Antepelle Perla, Antepelle plata, Antepelle Prugna, Antepelle Russo, Antepelle Turquesa, Lido 01, Lido 02, Lido 03, Lido 04, Lido 07, Lido 09, Lido 10, Lido 15, Mastiff 01, Mastiff 13, Mastiff 16, Mastiff 17, Mastiff 18, Mastiff 20, Mastiff 22, Mastiff 23, Rado 02, Rado 03, Rado 04, Rado 05, Rado 06, Rado 07, Rado 10, Rado 12


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