Armchair Sidney

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Minimalistic designed swivel armchair with matching swivel footstool

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“Sidney” is a spectacular, ergonomic and very attractive armchair. It’s sleek design plays well with perfectly harmonized curved lines. Visually dynamic, avant-garde and with personality.
All its measurements and details have been studied to perfection, showing us a powerful and explosive personality. We must not forget its enriching metal base that gives it an avant-garde and aesthetic balance, as well as mobility.

Features New collection armchair
Structure: Solid pine wood
10 cm arm
Coating: 25 Kg polyurethane foam
Leg: Metal Swivel Base
Materials Premium stain-resistant upholstery: Mastiff and Rado
Or 100% Italian thickened leather. Collection Maximus (Supplement)







Maximus Leather

Sapphire, Vetro, Ash, Toffee, Chocolate

Measures 75x100x85 cm
40x45x40 cm
Expected delivery  5 weeks


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Leather Ash, Leather Chocolate, Leather Sapphire, Leather Toffee, Leather Vetro, Lido 01, Lido 02, Lido 03, Lido 04, Lido 07, Lido 09, Lido 10, Lido 15, Mastiff 01, Mastiff 13, Mastiff 16, Mastiff 17, Mastiff 18, Mastiff 20, Mastiff 22, Mastiff 23, Rado 02, Rado 03, Rado 04, Rado 05, Rado 06, Rado 07, Rado 10, Rado 12


Seat, Pouf, Seat+Pouf

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