Decorating and furnishing a house can generate contradictory feelings, on the one hand, the illusion of the new, on the other hand, it can create anxiety. Especially when you have to make the decisions or not knowing which storage furniture to choose. 

That is why today we wanted to launch this post, to give you some simple tips to choose the furniture for your home. And if you need extra space, don’t miss the auxiliary section on our website. We want to inspire you and help you find the best furniture for your home.

How to choose the storage furniture for each space?

Define the style


Before you start looking for furniture, you have to decide what style you want in your home. Choose a style with which you feel identified, but also look for comfort and practical furniture, especially if we are talking about second homes.

Do not get carried away by fashions, choosing the furniture for your home is a purchasing decision for a long time. Find information about decorative styles, you can find out by clicking here

Wall and floor colours are a crucial point before choosing your furniture, if your house has basic and light colours, you can play with different styles. If the room already has coloured walls or a visually striking floor, opt for furniture in neutral colours.

Or if you prefer, we can advise you according to your space and the type of storage furniture you need.

Be functional

Do not do the usual … There is supposed to be a certain style when it comes to furnishing … a living room should have: a sofa, a television, a table with chairs … 

Why? Think about how you are going to use your house, what function it has and what spaces are necessary for you. Maybe you always eat in the kitchen, you have enough space there to place the table and chairs, use the living room to place other types of furniture, a reading space … some shelves … Your house should adapt to you and not you to it. Look for furniture and practical spaces according to your needs.



Taking the appropriate measures is essential before going out to find the furniture for your home. Represent the room in a drawing and measure the spaces. In addition to having a vision of the dimensions, you will be able to play with the placement of the furniture and optimize the space. If you need extra storage furniture, a sofa with storage can be a great option.

Define your budget

Defining the budget for your furniture is essential before going out to buy it. Within that budget, give yourself a license to choose a design piece, a piece of furniture that provides that extra touch of elegance and style.

Buying storage furniture is making a long-term investment, so indulge yourself and be functional in the rest.

Don´t rush


Do not get carried away by impulsive purchases. Style, needs, prices, materials, qualities … Finding everything is not easy, but not impossible! 

Always trust trusted shops and experts. Look at the online catalogues or stop by the showroom if you are close. Also, if what you need is a comprehensive service, ask us without it and we will help you furnish your entire house or find that special storage furniture you need.

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