Decorating is an art, and knowing how to differentiate the different decor styles is also an art. A house is the reflection of the people who live in it and good decoration is synonymous with style.

Of course, we are not referring to any specific style, since there is nothing written about personal preferences, but we talk about harmony, trends and colours. A house changes with the people who live in it, and your house may change its style over time or even depend on the house you are in at the time.

The decoration is the expression of our personality and our state of mind. That is why at Muebles Mugals, as furniture experts on Costa Cálida, we love decoration and we wanted to rescue some of the trends in furniture and decoration of 2021/2022.

The best decor style for you? It is always the one who most identifies with you and with your home.

Decor styles 2021/2022

Boho chic style

Sofá Ibiza

The bohemian decor style is still trendy, and if you live in a place of sun and beach, much more. It is a decor style marked by freedom. It is a freestyle, without any type of defined pattern and in which you are allowed to mix various types of decoration.

But beware! Not everything goes, so although the theory seems very simple, a Boho decoration requires knowledge about colours and other decorative trends, but above all, an excellent style and personality.

Here you can mix the ethnic with the vintage, the modern and the classic. The mixture of colours, patterns and shapes can create creative and very elegant spaces.

As a basis to get a good Boho decoration we give you some tips:

  • Always use basic colours as a decorative base and provide colour with warm tones that resemble the colours of nature.
  • Flowers and plants are protagonists in boho decoration. You can use artificial ones, but nothing better than natural and fresh flowers. You can also include them in cushions, vases or pictures.
  • Don’t be shy, mix trends! Connect modern materials with old objects, but follow the same line of tones to achieve a harmonious space.

Scandinavian style

Table Set Nordic

The Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic decoration, has been the king of decoration for several seasons and will continue to be so. It is a style that has evolved over the years and today we find a style with clean and minimalist lines that you can find in homes and shops.

One of the most distinctive features in the Nordic style is the light colours, both for the walls, the floor and the furniture. In northern European countries, where this type of decor has its roots, it is used to counteract the lack of light in long periods of the year.

The touch of colour can be given with fabrics, cushions or small accessories. But don’t shy away from simple lines and natural materials. Always evoking nature.

Industrial Style

Corner Table Cete

The industrial decoration is committed to leather, wood and metal as the main materials. They are pieces full of strength and character and it is inspiring in film sets, they evoke lost trades and it tends to mix modern furniture with old or worn pieces.

It is an ideal style for open spaces. Loft in which to play with bricks or beams within the structure itself. If you do not know this style well, you may think that it is a loaded style, but it is defined by clean lines. A decorative style that does not fill spaces with superfluous pieces, rather it is characterized by space and choosing good, well-defined furniture for a strong personality space.

Vintage decor style

Armchair Aqua

The essence of vintage style is in the mixture of the old with the contemporary, the secret? not be saturated or old. Always mix in the right measure.

In vintage decoration, the pieces need to be chosen very carefully. High-quality objects and furniture that bring strength and soul to each room. Mirrors, lamps, sofas and armchairs are especially important in vintage decoration.

An advice? Use neutral colours as a base for sofas and armchairs and play with decorative elements. Pieces from other decades will add a distinctive touch.

Minimalist Decor


Less is more, this is the basis of this decorative style. Functional spaces where only the necessary elements are placed. No overloaded, baroque spaces or excessive decoration.

A minimalist house is a practical home, it resembles the Nordic decor styles or even the industrial one since both opt for clear spaces. Each one with its distinctive touch in textures and colours.

Eclectic decor

TV Cabinet

The eclectic decoration is based on a mixture of trends and styles. Industrial chairs around a rustic table … a classic painting on top of a modern piece of furniture … just like boho decoration, you have to know how to play with colours very well and have a very good decorative taste. What may seem easy at first can turn into a flea market. That is why very established guidelines must be followed.

  • Have an objective view on the whole, not on individual pieces.
  • Lose the fear of decorating
  • Use common sense when placing furniture
  • Have a wide knowledge about other decor styles to know which ones can be combined

Shabby Chic Decor

Tv Cabinet

The Shabby Chic style is the romantic and feminine style in excellence. Pastel colours and white as a base. Decorating with this style is to achieve bright and cheerful rooms.

The furniture used in the Shabby Chic decoration is aged furniture, with signs of the passage of time, but elegant and soft. Flowers, embroidery and lace in textiles are one of its differentiating elements.

Art deco

Diamond Headboard

The Art Deco style is an artistic trend that emerged in the 50s that filled not only the decoration of many homes but also the design of cars and architecture were influenced by it.

Geometric figures, cube, waits and abstract representations of nature are the decorative base of this style. Steel and leather are the main materials in the furniture, in addition to the posters that evoke the golden 1950s.

Rustic style

It is one of the best-known styles, but a good rustic decoration is not as easy to achieve as it may seem a priori. Certain guidelines and shades must be followed so as not to fall into full and dark spaces.

Of course, wood, stone and natural colours are the basis of this style. But if you live in the city you can achieve a rustic atmosphere through painting techniques to give that air to the walls. Do not forget about the light, white is essential as a base and plays with green and reddish tones for colour.

Furniture made entirely of wood and with a lot of presence. A large table, a large sofa where you can see the wooden structure. Wicker is an element that will bring warmth to the room.

Contemporary decor


Spacious, bright and welcoming spaces. This is where the contemporary decoration style starts. Straight lines and no excessive decoration.
The line between contemporary and minimalist style is very light, but the main difference is in the type of furniture. In contemporary decoration, classic pieces are mixed with other more current ones, always under the premise of not losing the simple lines and the spaciousness of space.

Contemporary decoration always bets on the same colour palette. Fabrics such as wool, cotton or linen for textiles will give warmth to the room and you will get those cosy corners that we like so much.

As you can see, the variety of styles and furniture is huge. Always choose according to the room and the place where you live. Trust professionals who can help you choose the best furniture for your home. Call us without obligation and we will advise you. In addition, if we talk about your second residence, we take care of everything so that you do not have to travel, just get to Costa Cálida and enjoy.

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