What is the sofa in a house? Much more than a seat … it is a cinema seat, a reading corner, the place for social meetings … It becomes the centre of our living room.

That is why you should not make the choice of sofa carelessly and there are some elements that you have to take when choosing the best sofa for you and your home. We leave you a guide on how to choose the best sofa without losing comfort or style.

Elements to consider when buying a sofa

When you go to buy a sofa there are three basic elements that you have to take first of all: the measurements of the room where you are going to place the sofa, the distribution and the people who will use the sofa.

If you have the opportunity to go to a physical store, do not hesitate to try them. If you are going to make the online purchase take the measurements, verify that you buy it from a trusted seller and look for the evaluations of the company where you are going to buy it. In our case, you can contact us by phone and we will help you throughout the purchase process.

How to know if a sofa is comfortable?

  • Hips. The hips should never be more sunken than the knees when you sit on the sofa.
  • Back. You must be able to support your back and your feet must reach the floor.
  • Lumbar area. The body should never slide down when you sit on the sofa. The kidneys must be protected when you are supported.
  • Knees. When you are sitting, the edge of the sofa should not press on the back of your knees.

Choosing a quality sofa

How do you know that you are buying a quality sofa? The sofas are designed to last for many years, it is a long-term investment. But we are not always sure if we are making a good purchase or not …

There are some points that you should pay attention to know if the sofa is of good quality or not.

  • Structure. A wooden or metallic structure.
  • Spring system. It must have a good spring system that supports the cushions well and the weight that you are going to put on it later.
  • Support Legs. The support legs should be part of the structure of the sofa. Those that are screwed on are more insecure as they can come loose. If the legs are not part of the structure, make sure they have a good grip.
  • Stuffed. For a sofa to be comfortable it should not be soft or hard … does it seem easy? Always choose sofas with high-resistance foams, where the backrest is softer than the seat.
  • Fabric. It is essential to choose a good fabric. Breathable sofas that are easy to clean.

Types of fabrics for the sofa


Cotton is elastic, resistant and does not warp easily. They are fresh fabrics, so they bring that fresh and natural air to the sofa and the living room. There are many options in colours and patterns, so you can adapt them to all types of decoration.


They are velvety, are very soft and it is composed of a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres, which makes it a very resistant fabric that does not wrinkle.


Leather is one of the best-known upholstery. Leather sofas last a long time, even over the years and wear and tear always have a decorative plus. They are very adaptable sofas to all types of environments, from classic decorations to more modern styles and very easy to clean. A damp cloth is enough and a special cream every three months.


Sofas with so-called technical upholstery are characterized by their resistance to stains. They are very adaptable sofas and you can find them in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Extras on your sofa

Today some sofas are provided with extra storage, whether or not they are chaise longues. Under the seats or even on the armrests. It will be of great help if you need extra storage at home.

Sofas with sliding seats and backrests, sofa beds, and even sofas with built-in speakers or fully custom sofas. If what you need is a personalized sofa, do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our sofa´s categories and discover our online collection and of course, if you are near our showroom do not hesitate to stop by.

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