Furnishing our house is one of the most thoughtful decisions we have to make. Especially since we all want to have a cosy and comfortable home. You have to take into account several factors … Make it functional, ethical furniture and, why not? Sustainable.

More than half of our life is spent in our home, it is important to create a healthy environment, in which you can feel good. Our purchasing decisions have a huge impact on the environment and society.

Today we want to talk about what is ecological furniture and why it is important to bet on a circular and sustainable economy.

Eco-friendly furniture

The first thing we have to know is that there is no 100% sustainable furniture, all products, whatever the genre they are, generate an environmental impact.

For this reason, when we talk about ecological furniture, we refer to the furniture that generates a lesser impact in its production, treatment and transport. But also is important to know if this furniture is created under a legal framework of working conditions.

Although when talking about furniture we all have in mind the deforestation that logging creates, but the most critical phase in the manufacturing process is the design phase. Having a well-designed product will determine its sustainability.

It is in the design phase where the materials, use and useful life of the furniture are determined. The design should promote a circular economy so that waste is as low as possible.


The choice of materials is essential in sustainability. Most of the furniture is made of wood, so the management of this wood must be sustainable.

The furniture also uses other materials such as metals, plastics and fabrics. Plastics should not contain materials that are harmful to health and of course if recycled plastic is used much better.

Fabrics are always preferable to bet on cotton, linen, wool … Textile of ecological origin.

Varnishes and paints need to be toxic-free.


Another of the fundamental phases that we sometimes leave behind is production. Why do we take care about the use of recycled materials if our supplier’s manufacture is far from our place of sale?

The production must be close to the place of consumption. Betting on local and national production reduces the effects derived from transport, in addition to favouring the local economy.

In addition, if we know our suppliers, we can certify that they comply with the legislation and provide their workers with decent working conditions.

Furniture useful life

Always choose durable furniture. Furniture is not a daily consumer product, it is a long-term investment, so you should choose quality furniture that will last over time.

Why choose sustainable furniture?

When you buy quality furniture you must check that it does not have toxic elements, creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

They will also be furniture that will last a long time. Responsible purchasing reduces deforestation and reduces environmental impact.

At Mugal Mobiliario we are committed to social commitment, that is why we only work with local suppliers and high-quality products. Because every little gesture counts to promote a better quality of life and respect the planet.

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