We have already talked in other articles about how to choose the perfect mattress or how to decorate your double room, but there is always an element that seems to be forgotten … the headboard of the bed. Of course, there are beds that are already complete, but what about when did we decide to buy a bed base or base without a headboard? How to get right when choosing one?

You can find headboards of different styles, materials and designs. Sometimes it is not easy to decide and just as the mattress, it is a fundamental element in your room, not only as decoration, it also influences the quality of your sleep.

That is why today at Mugals we wanted to collect some tips to choose the perfect headboard. You can discover our range online or visit our showroom where we will advise you and show you the complete catalogue.

Tips to choosethe perfect headboard

Choose the style

The first tip is related to the style you want or that you already have the room decorated. Keep in mind that the headboard is a piece that will be integrated into your bed and is a fundamental piece in the decoration of the room.
Decide what style you want: youthful, fresh, classic, as well as the colours.
Another point to take into account is the material. Fabric headboards are very fashionable, but you can find them in wood, leather or even metal.

The size

Buying the right size headboard is essential. Measure the width of your bed and ask us or bring a measuring tape if necessary when you visit us.
Choose the same size as your bed.

Taking advantage of the spaces

Although the headboard of the bed is a fundamental element of decoration in the room, try to integrate it with the rest, not be the main element. Especially in tight spaces.
If you have a room with space, you can opt for larger headboards. Some even have built-in furniture. Giving it a special touch.

Perfect fit

Besides size, the fit is important. Make sure the headboard fits the base of the bed.
If you buy it in separate pieces, check that the head does not contain any sharp object that could damage the mattress or that interferes when it comes to fitting it with the base and the mattress.
At Mugals we have a wide variety of headboards, as well as complete beds in different styles, materials and colours. You can see real projects and rooms of our clients on our social networks or visit our website.
And of course, if you have any questions or want to share your project with us, call us without obligation or visit us in Sucina, we will be happy to help you.

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